"In 60 years of marriage, you couldn't have children"/ Mother Sanija: I wanted two sons and two daughters

2022-11-05 22:33:00, Sociale CNA

"In 60 years of marriage, you couldn't have children"/ Mother

Mother Sanija, who lives alone in Tirana, said that in 60 years of marriage, she could never have children.

In a confession for "Real People" in Euronews, she expressed that she wished to have two daughters and two sons, but unfortunately this desire never came true.

She further said that she had told her husband to create his own family, but that the latter refused and chose to stay with mother Sanija until the end of his life.

"I didn't have children. I was married for 7 years and I didn't have children, and that's when I realized that I can't have children. I really enjoyed the oysters. I enjoyed having two chicks and two chicks. I was very attached to my husband. We didn't have children but he used to tell me don't torture yourself. He loved children very much, but he never mentioned children to me. I told him that if you want you can build your family. He told me don't say such a thing to me. He said he knew. If God wants, He gives it to us. We never let go of each other's hand," she said./ Euronews

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