Intolerance towards children

2023-09-15 18:32:00, Sociale Lira Gjika
Intolerance towards children
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When a child cries and screams on the bus, the whole bus gets worried and reacts harshly, making the mother feel embarrassed and ashamed.

When an adult shouts, everyone stays quiet, they don't feel it.

This silent behavior shows our intolerance towards children. It indicates a bad personal experience of the past, which is stored in the memory, but excluded from the memory.

The other behavior when an adult shouts even though the passengers are annoyed, they remain silent shows the fear of conflicts, threats, and harsh voice that makes you feel powerless.

It would be good if adults try to tolerate the child just as they tolerate the individual who screams.

To try to be valuable for both, the mother and the child.

An adult who helps a mother to calm down automatically helps the baby too.

Let's remember the famous expression "To raise a child well, it takes a whole village".

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