Cloudiness and rain/ Today's weather forecast

2023-09-07 07:14:00, Sociale CNA

Cloudiness and rain/ Today's weather forecast

On Thursday, our country will be affected by relatively unstable weather conditions with moist air masses.

The weather is forecasted with moderate to heavy clouds and clear skies.

Clouds will be followed by rain of low intensity in most of the country concentrated in the hilly-mountainous reliefs, locally in the south to medium with isolated local thunderstorms.

The wind will blow intensively from the eastern quadrant 1-8 m/s, on the coast and the valley it reaches a speed of up to 17 m/s, causing the waves in the seas to be of force 2-3.

Temperatures are predicted: In mountainous areas 17/31 °C; In low areas 19/35 °C; In coastal areas 19/34 °C./ CNA

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