When education is not the watchword of a people

2023-09-01 15:40:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

When education is not the watchword of a people

When education is not the key word of a country, a people, a family, the male-female conflict will be at the root of every relationship, human, family, state, social or cultural.

When education is carried out through fear, violence, lies and neglect of the child as a person, there is not much hope for gender equality and freedom, but the "rape culture" continues to be cultivated.

Although we have laws to protect women and girls and to punish violent men and boys, prejudice still exists and prevents both the action of the law and the awareness that we are human beings like women and men and no one has the right to abuse another.

Awareness of self and others begins and builds early in childhood, when parents and teachers avoid prejudices and labels.

When the girl is not seen as a "thing" that has no value, that should lower her head to the man, starting from her father and brother and this lesson, the first is the mother who gives her.

These girls and boys who grow up in this way will confront each other through fear submission and abuse.

The boy is fed the abuse of the woman before he is taught that he has a self and is human.

Parents, teachers try to learn some lesson from the serious events that are happening and be aware that girls are not raped and boys learn male-female equality in prison.

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