Lying to children, a vice that adults must eliminate

2023-08-30 16:40:00, Sociale Lira Gjika
Lying to children, a vice that adults must eliminate
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Lying is punishable by law, but we ignore the law and lie to children without even the slightest remorse and regret.

When someone lies to us, we adults feel bad, get offended and even become enemies with the person who lied to us.

When it comes to children, we adults lie to them without harm. We lie to them because we are lazy or we don't know, we answer and cut them short, we lie to them.

This way of behaving with children shows that we do not consider them as people or individuals. It is our responsibility to respect life and ourselves, so this behavior must end if we really love our children.

Lying to children, believing that they do not understand since they are small, should be prohibited by law. Parents, grandparents and other adults, there is no need to lie.

It is better for the child to cry than to lie to him. Crying is a natural human reaction, if you assist him and give him justice, nothing bad happens.

The bad thing happens when we lie to children, they will also become distrustful and instill the habit of lying.

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