Berisha ultimatum to Erion Veliaj: He resigns by Friday

2024-04-03 20:33:00, Politikë CNA
Berisha ultimatum to Erion Veliaj: He resigns by Friday
Sali Berisha

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in his speech at the civic gathering, called on the citizens to join the protest on Friday at 11:00 at the City Hall of Tirana.

The former prime minister said that Erion Veliaj should resign immediately, and not wait for the citizens to remove him from the office on Friday.

Berisha declared that the victory of the opposition begins with this protest.

The speech of the democratic leader, Berisha:

"Dear citizens, tonight I have a reflective question for every citizen of Tirana, for every Albanian citizen.

Imagine for a moment, dear citizens, if in the city hall of a European capital, Vienna, Ljubljana, Prague, Paris, Berlin, Rome, it happened that the taxpayers' money was stolen not with 20 or 30 percent bribes, but 100 percent from the municipality employees.

So, steal, steal, total steal with not a single penny spared.

Imagine, friends, if this happened to European citizens, to steal 100 percent of the money that should be used to build schools, kindergartens, pave roads, and improve water supply.

Imagine, friends, what European citizens would do, if the money in their municipalities was stolen not 20, 30 percent with bribes, but 100 percent and would be turned into luxury hotels, into buildings with hundreds and hundreds of apartments.

What would European citizens do? In 24 hours, they would catch the thieves by the scruff of the neck, liberate the town hall, and turn it into a citizen's home.

Therefore, our invitation, on Friday all as true Europeans against theft, against our humiliation, for our dignity.

Friends, Albania and every country has known thieves, but thieves who steal 100 percent funds like Erion Veliaj, the earth has never known, except for those who break banks.

Dear friends, citizens, ask a little, where are the 130 million euros, money of our taxpayers for the Tirana fire?

No one knows, but the burner does not exist.

So they were 100 percent stolen.

Where is the stolen money in tens of millions of euros, which went to 5 bastards headed by the chief thief Erion Veliaj?

Can we accept this humiliation?

Can we accept this looting of this man who deserves every epithet and every designation?

Erion Veliaj resigns by Friday. Resign!

The people of Tirana, standing for your dignity, standing against the humiliator and the thief, who have marked the most unprecedented record in the history of the Albanian state and any other state."

Erion Veliaj resigns immediately, will not wait for the citizens on Friday in the office.

Opening offices to citizens. The municipality is the home of citizens and not of thieves," said Berisha./ CNA



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