School, inquisition and GTP Chat

2024-02-21 10:13:00, Opinione Artan Fuga
School, inquisition and GTP Chat
Academician Artan Fuga

It terrifies me when so many teachers are terrified of technology in the school.

Let alone what they are doing in Albania, but also in Europe.

More points! - I say to myself - look how weak the lady has become, worrying that technology is not letting her and the master to be good professors!

They are separating the school from the technology, are you saying that the school today is like in the time of Socrates when he went out into the shadows of Athens and spoke to his students and they memorized what he said to them...

Cell phone ban at school, see if any student opens the cell phone, drives with his cell phone like a thief on "YouTube", there is no GTP Chat in use.

This is copyeeee, copyeeee!

Well if you use technology to produce knowledge, to transmit knowledge, isn't it knowledge?

Using technology is knowledge! Otherwise, you have introduced the school to the era before Galileo and Giordano Bruno! Burn the technology!

Shut down all the students' phones on the day of the exam and burn them on the boulevard!

O point!

The professor who teaches ancient knowledge, who gives descriptive exam theses, is certainly afraid of students using technology. That they reproduce his stinking lecture, musty for years like pickles in a jar with a cracked lid!

I am for exams to be done with open books and notebooks, with the student's right to use all possible technologies, even exams with collective answers according to groups and joint projects in student groups.

Did technology ruin the school?

No, the school is not ruined by dogmatic professors who do not know how to teach or give questions to measure the level of knowledge of students so that they are not gramophone records.

Technology has not put the school out of business, but it has put the dogmatic parrot teacher out of fashion.

This is destroying both the school and the relationship between education and technology.

Students and pupils must be taught to use technology to search for knowledge, apply knowledge, solve problems through knowledge, develop knowledge in detail, and seek knowledge through technology.

I know a little lazy students who tell me: Oh, please, no open-book exam with technology! We can't afford them! It makes us so reproductive to say our poem about the Party!

But a complete reform of pedagogy is needed to integrate technology in school.

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