Playboy model Antonela Avellaneda: How Maradona financed my career

2023-11-26 12:56:00, Lifestyle CNA
Playboy model Antonela Avellaneda: How Maradona financed my career
Antonella Avellaneda and Maradona

The 41-year-old Playboy model, Antonela Avellaneda, has recently made a statement that has returned her to the center of attention. She has recalled her early career as a model, while admitting that Maradona gave her a significant boost by funding her first nude photo shoot.

For Avellaneda, a self-proclaimed Maradona fanatic, the photo shoot funded by the soccer legend was a dream come true. In her words, Maradona was "her star, her idol".

After meeting him at a young age, she sold him a book of her exclusive photoshoots, which never went viral but were shared in more exotic and private settings. Maradona's recognition of her potential was a turning point in her life, inspiring her to invest in her career.

Diego Maradona, who died three years ago aged 60, was as famous for his controversial lifestyle off the pitch as he was for his football skills.

His life was a mixture of glamor and controversy, marked by a World Cup victory in 1986 and two Serie A titles with Napoli. His interactions with the world of glamor and fashion, especially Antonela Avellaneda, reveal a different side of his multifaceted personality.

With the funds from the photo shoot, Avellaneda made strategic moves that shaped her future. She invested in her education, enrolling in a digital marketing college, and supported her family. She also set up a shop and bought her first car, a Corsa.

This financial boost allowed her to travel and expand her career, going to Chile, Mexico and eventually Brazil.

Avellaneda's career trajectory landed her on the cover of Playboy Portugal in 2019, adding to her appearances in 2003 and 2004. Unlike many models today, she chooses not to use platforms like OnlyFans, instead deciding sell its content directly to VIP customers through Instagram.

This approach reflects her desire to maintain a level of exclusivity and control over her work./ CNA


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