'Tr*p, world class'/ How did Brad Pitt react after his son's statement?

2023-11-22 17:07:00, Lifestyle CNA

'Tr*p, world class'/ How did Brad Pitt react after his son's

Brad Pitt hit back last night after his adopted son called the Hollywood actor a "world-class bum" and "a horrible man" in an explosive Instagram post.

Pax Jolie-Pitt, 19, called his father a 'horrible and disgusting person' who makes his four youngest children 'shake with fear'.

“Happy Father's Day to this world class tr*p… Time and time again, you prove to yourself that you are a horrible, vile person. You have no appreciation or empathy for your 4 youngest children who tremble with fear in front of you. You will never understand the damage you have done to my family because you are unable to. You have made life hell for my dearest people. You can tell yourself and the world all you want, but the truth will come out one day. So happy fathers day you horrible man…” he wrote.

A source close to the actor told Page Six that none of what Pax wrote is true.

"It's just unfortunate that people will continue to try to involve children in situations like this," the source said.

The insider told The Sun: "It's disappointing to see Brad being painted as some sort of 'bad guy' when that's far from the truth. The source added that Pitt has 'huge respect' for each of his children and says that ' speaks volumes' that he 'chose to maintain a dignified silence' about the situation.

Angelina Jolie adopted Pax from an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2007. He was three years old and had been abandoned as a newborn by his heroin-addicted biological mother.

When Pitt and Jolie, 48, split in 2016 just two years after tying the knot in a private ceremony in France, the children stayed with their mother.

It is now clear that the relationship between Pax and Pitt is also troubled, with the 19-year-old accusing his father of making his life 'hell' in the extraordinary social media rant./ CNA

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