Meghan and Harry ready to return to the royal family for Christmas, William refuses

2023-11-20 16:31:00, Lifestyle CNA
Meghan and Harry ready to return to the royal family for Christmas, William
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

As the end of the year holidays approach, rumors also begin about how the VIPs will organize them, and of course the royal family of Great Britain could not be absent in this case.

The Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would like to spend Christmas with the royal family, but it's Prince William who doesn't want them at the family dinner table.

Rumors have been circulating for several days that King Charles and his two sons, Princes William and Harry, may join forces to spend the Christmas holidays together. But sources from Buckingham Palace have told the media that this may not happen due to the conflict between the two brothers.

 " It's so strange that they behave so badly. "They asked for an apology and an admission of guilt from the family and now there are those who think they will return to London as if nothing had happened," the source declared.

The source pointed out that any invitation to the palace for Harry and Meghan may not be welcomed by other members of the royal family, mainly Prince William, whose relationship with his younger brother is now non-existent.

However, multiple sources close to King Charles III have repeatedly revealed that the monarch will not "shut the door in Harry's face" as he believes their relationship can be repaired with time and away from rumours.

The media write, referring to sources, that Meghan and Harry have frequented phone calls with King Charles and even sent him videos of the children Archie, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Meghan and Harry left the UK and the royal family, giving up any royal duties they held. They stated at the time that they needed privacy, yet Harry's book and the couple's interviews make no mention of privacy. / CNA

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