A real "beast"/ The most "wow" photos of the former "Stop" screen

2023-11-21 15:52:00, Lifestyle CNA
A real "beast"/ The most "wow" photos of the former
Franceska Rustem

Franceska Rustem is one of the most beautiful girls and models on "Instagram".

She has a large number of followers on social networks where the model shares many photos and videos from her modeling projects.

The beauty has become known to the Albanian public where she was announced as the first runner-up of "Miss Albania 2020".

The model then appeared as a cover in the investigative show Stop.

Today we see him as an image of popular fashion houses. It seems that Francesca is taking quite big steps and is reaping a lot of success as a model.

Moreover, we have selected the 10 most stunning photos of her that you can see in the gallery below./ CNA


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