"I have been fighting for 10 years"/ The former columnist confesses about the serious illness she suffers from

2023-11-24 19:40:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I have been fighting for 10 years"/ The former columnist confesses
Balina Bodinaku

The former commentator of Big Brother Vip Balina Bodinaku has made a rare confession in which she has shown that she has been diagnosed with a serious illness with which she has been fighting for 10 years.

Although he did not reveal many details of the disease, Bodinaku emphasized that he continues to fight with it and it has already become a challenge and a trial that he must face every day.

For the former columnist, being diagnosed with this disease was one of the most difficult moments of her life.

"The most difficult moment in my life is the moment when I was diagnosed with a serious, possibly incurable disease, which changed my life, changed everything in my life, it is a disease with which I continue to fight... This is the most difficult. But even though it seems like… okay, it's a difficult moment, it's not a nice thing to go through, I've been dealing with this disease for many years, but within the bad, there are also many good things that we gain from the challenge. I call it a challenge, I call it a test, and I think I'm not the only one going through tests. Everyone has their trials in their life. This is what I had to deal with, and there are certainly many lessons in it."

You learn a lot, you get a lot, you know yourself differently, you know others differently, you see yourself and the world differently. Understand that nothing is impossible and limits are not what we think they are, there are no limits.

It's just a matter of perception, it's just a matter of self-confidence, it's just a matter of working with yourself and loved ones to see the good in everything that happens, at the end of the day, we're in this life to go through trials and part of growing up us as people and being who we are, the way we are is also the evidence and I don't see this as a drama, I see it as a difficulty I work with", said Bodinaku in an interview with Rudina./ CNA

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