"Big Brother VIP" catches the "fever" from "Ferma VIP"/Sajon stable inside the house

2024-02-14 13:18:00, Lifestyle CNA

"Big Brother VIP" catches the "fever" from "Ferma

"Big Brother VIP 3" last night created a new environment inside the house, installing a small farm.

Residents of the house must take care of the animals on the farm.

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But in fact this idea belongs to another program that is expected to start soon on another television screen and it is an international patent called "VIP Farm" and will be broadcast on "Vizion Plus".

Even before this program started well, it has echoed in the media and it seems that the production of "Big Brother VIP" seems to have caught the fever of competition.

"VIP Farm" is the newest reality show that is expected to start on "Vizion Plus" with producer Holta Dulakun. It will be a different format, where there will be artists from Albania and Kosovo.

But part of the cast, apart from well-known characters, there will also be characters who have become famous on "TikTok". They may be some of the names circulating on "TikTok" and without question have a group of followers who like them./ CNA


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