"God knows how much I love you"/ Arbana Osmani makes a special wish on her mother's birthday

2024-02-14 10:10:00, Lifestyle CNA

"God knows how much I love you"/ Arbana Osmani makes a special wish on

For moderator Arbana Osmani, today is a very special day, as her mother celebrates her birthday.

Through some family photos, the moderator dedicated some heartfelt words to her mother, and even shared details from her childhood.

"Happy birthday to the best mom in the world, the dearest grandmother, the strictest teacher and my best friend.

Happy to the Star of the house, which sometimes when we came back from school and did not find it at home, the house seemed empty.

Congratulations to my favorite cook, that even a fried bread with eggs makes it more delicious than any "Michelin" delicacy.

Happy to the man with the most work culture I know, the one who has educated me to work even when I'm bored, sick or fulfilled.

Happy to the woman who has always put self-respect first, giving me one of the most important lessons of this life, that if you don't respect yourself, others won't respect you either.

Happy to my wife who treats her with the same love and devotion for 42 years, teaching me that relationships are a "work in progress" until we die and that caresses have no age, nor time nor "period".

Congratulations to the mother who loves one of her children more than the other, that is, Sidriti more than me and Shpati, but that we have forgiven her after what has happened, that Sidriti is a heart and then no parent is judged.

Happy to the beloved "mother-in-law" who also considers our partners as her children (or close to it)

Happy Mother Tuta, the pained grandmother who is helping us to raise our children with the same unsparing love that raised us, adding of course a generous dose of spoiling and haribos under the pretext of "hë mi mam and ti se and juve Where did we raise you" (Absolutely untrue, squeaked the slipper)

Cheers to the strictest "French Teacher" I've ever had, who didn't give me 10's just because I was her chick and found mistakes and where I didn't so the other chicks on the course wouldn't think she was holding me back . Come on, I've forgiven this too, but "it's not fair" - says Joni And in the end; Happy beautiful man you are mom; God knows how much I love you", writes the moderator./ CNA

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