Trouble in the "Big Brother" house, Egla insults Graciano and Ledjona: Monstrous being

2024-02-10 12:45:00, Lifestyle CNA
Trouble in the "Big Brother" house, Egla insults Graciano and Ledjona:
Egla and Graciano

Egla, one of the residents of "Big Brother Vip" has recently argued with Ledjona and not only.

The girls have addressed each other with not very elegant language. But in fact the one who offended first was Egla. 

The latter then clashed with Graciano and did not stop the insults. 

Ledjona-Egla debate:

Ledjona:  You will go to the toilet. 

Egla:  I don't want you in the saddle because you look like….

Lejdona:  Because of your saddles, you are shorter than me, you can't insult me.

Egla : You are a fart with oregano, you are a face welded with sprinkles of parsley.

Ledjona: Education Egla, small education.

The Egla-Graciano debate

Egla:  Where is your church to come and pray?

Graciano:  I didn't come here for the church or the mosque.

Egla : You have become a little penguin in here, you have a mask which is incredible and reflective. You are completely white, you are squinty-eyed, you are a monstrous being.

Graciano:  For heartless people like your work, I absolutely do not expect any other appreciation and that is indisputable. Relax it's good for you. Hey, they have sold their dignity for this game! These don't really have a backbone. This is embarrassing, embarrassing./ CNA

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