Addiction to social networks/ What do we gain if we stay 1 week away from them

2024-02-07 18:40:00, Lifestyle CNA

Addiction to social networks/ What do we gain if we stay 1 week away from them

In today's digital world, it is hard to imagine life without social media. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more recently TikTok dominate our daily lives, often leading to overuse and even addiction.

More and more studies are highlighting their potential negative effects on mental health, with increased anxiety and depression linked to their obsessive use. A little detox every now and then is considered necessary, to boost our mental health and general well-being and to de-stress.

What do we gain?

Less stress and sadness

Many experts argue that the increase in anxiety, especially in children, is due to social networks, due to comparison with others. According to a study, taking just one week off from constant scrolling and posting can significantly reduce anxiety and depression.

Better sleep

A previous study found that constant notifications can keep you up at night, leading to less sleep. In addition, blue light from devices is equally linked to sleep disorders.

Stronger social ties

Although they are called "social" networks, perhaps all of us have more or less noticed how antisocial we can become in the end. According to experts, if you disconnect from social networks, you will be forced to have more personal contacts to stay connected with your family and friends.

More free time

A previous study concluded that participants who stayed away from social media for a week gained about 9 hours of free time, which appeared to improve their well-being./ CNA

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