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Shpat Kasapi makes a shocking statement: I beat my ex-girlfriend

2024-02-04 21:10:00, Lifestyle CNA
Shpat Kasapi makes a shocking statement: I beat my ex-girlfriend
Singer Shpat Kasapi

Singer Shpat Kasapi, in an interview, has admitted that he beat his ex-girlfriend.

The singer confessed that the cause of the violence was jealousy, but he says that it happened when he was very young, around the age of 25-26.

The Story of the Butcher's Slope

Ronaldo Sharka: Shpat Kasapi tells why he beat his ex-girlfriend.

Shpat Kasapi: There was a certain moment when I was young. Something was true, too much jealousy takes its toll.

Ronaldo Sharka: Was it a fake title?

Shpat Kasapi: No, it was true.

Ronaldo Sharka: How old were you?

Shpat Kasapi: Very young, 25-26 years old.

Ronaldo Sharka: A statement of yours that caused a stir is related to a dark period of your life where you found the solution in faith in God or Hoxha.

Shpat Kasapi: No, it was even earlier. It has been a period that I have had many nightmares. I had too many concerts and too many fans and I went through an overload. I didn't know how to manage the excessive energy I received from people. I was locked in the house, I was alone, I had bad thoughts. It is about 20 years ago.

Ronaldo Sharka: I understand.../ CNA

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