Albi Nako "explodes" at Romeo/ "You're reckless, you use girls"

2024-02-06 22:33:00, Lifestyle CNA

Albi Nako "explodes" at Romeo/ "You're reckless, you use

A fierce debate was recorded in "Big Brother VIP" between choreographer Albi Nako and actor Romeo Veshaj.

While commenting on Romeo's debate with Roza Latin about Heidi, Albi "exploded against the actor.

He declared that Romeo is "without shame", as he is using the girls to make "war".

Excerpts from the debate:

Albi: You're fine. Use the girls. I express my opinion.

Romeo: That's all you had?

Albi: Let me finish. You do the "war" with girls because you can't do it alone. You are a person who insults, gesticulates at others trying, you are shy when you speak.

Romeo: I didn't know how you could laugh at someone who thinks like that.

Albi: Good laugh, who laughs last!

Romeo: You can confide in a man but me when you think so. Just when you think I'm a favorite, you've caught me in the foot. You came out old man, thank you Albi Nako.

Albi: Now protect yourself with the girls. You act indignant here, act as if you are the factor of the house. What did you say yesterday?!

Romeo: You're with that sniper, this role doesn't suit you...

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