Big Brother wedding/Ilnisa ​​and Meritoni "get married", the long-awaited kiss takes place

2024-02-08 21:48:00, Lifestyle CNA

Big Brother wedding/Ilnisa ??and Meritoni "get married", the

Ilnisa ??and Meriton have said "yes" to each other at the wedding that Big Brother has performed for them.

They exchanged rings and the long-awaited kiss between the couple was not missing either.

The atmosphere was taken care of by the singer Valbona Mema, who was invited tonight to sing at the wedding of Meriton and Ilnisa.

Earlier there were discussions and strong debates about the wedding after the couple excluded Sara and Vesa from their wedding.

This has made Sarah extremely nervous, who has had a strong confrontation with Bardhi and Meriton./ CNA

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