"Hypocrite, don't touch me"/ Argument between Ilnisa ​​and Erjola

2024-02-08 14:03:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Hypocrite, don't touch me"/ Argument between Ilnisa ??and
Ilnisa ??and Erjola

Yesterday, there was a debate between Erjola and Ilnisa, which also degraded into insults.

Everything started while they were in the backyard, where Ilnisa, during a conversation with Sarah, tells the latter that no one will pick her up if she is found on the street.

Erjola appears in front of Ilnisa ??and tells her to "disappear" and that "her behavior is making her ugly". Ilnisa ??calls him a hypocrite. 


Ilnisa:  If someone finds you on the street, they won't take you. 

Sara : How can you tell me this without my stupid family.

Erjola Doçi : Your honorable behavior disgusts you.

Ilnisa : Shut up.

Erjola Doçi : Normally, to tell you, he disappeared.

Ilnisa:  You can't make me disappear. Neither you nor 100 like you. Hypocrites.

Erjola Doçi:  You are a hypocrite yourself.

Ilnisa:  You came with 100 schemes.

Erjola Doçi : You make the scheme in your head.

Ilnisa:  Don't touch me with your hand.

Erjola Doçi:  Keep being victimized, go cry to the confession room.

Ilnisa : Hypocrite!

Erjola Doçi : You are calling yourself by name. Inshallah, the world does not have 100 people like you, because it would be oil in the sea. /CNA

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