"Make schemes like in the movie Bidai"/ Arbër Hajdari "bumps" with Sara

2024-02-10 22:45:00, Lifestyle CNA

"Make schemes like in the movie Bidai"/ Arbër Hajdari

During this week we have seen strong debates between Sara Gjorden, Ilnisa ??Agolli, Bardhi Idrizi and Meriton Mjekiqi.

The wedding of Meriton and Ilnisa ??was "the apple of the row". These arguments that broke out between the couples were discussed in tonight's show.

Opinion columnist Arbër Hajdari was harsh with Sara, for her statement that Bardhi is paying attention to Ilnisa ??for 'prime'.

Arbri called the schemes ugly, which he claimed were similar to the movie "Bidai", much loved by Albanians.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Arbri:  I saw a feeling from Sara, I didn't understand something about this great indignation, She primed her to put her hands on her head, to make Bidai schemes to catch the 'prime'. So openly you try to tell the public that these are also in the framework of premiums

Sara:  I'm sorry, I'm feeling bad, I'm not happy that many important parts that I behaved well and endured a lot, I came out as a little girl who wanted attention, the rest didn't come out. Belittling my true emotions. 'Prime' is something Bardhi said the other day, shame on you Graciano. The 'prime' part, just the other day Bardhi and I had a conversation that he said you were right. If you boy decided to play it yesterday, what happened today...

Arbri:  Ugly drama you made to catch 'prime'. Show yourself more simply than you seem arrogant. Some day you will beat the desert./ CNA

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