Signs that hate anything to do with Valentine's Day

2024-02-13 16:19:00, Lifestyle CNA
Signs that hate anything to do with Valentine's Day
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If you listen to them talk about Valentine's Day, they'll tell you it's a commercial, meaningless holiday only for fools. Those who are truly in love, are in love every day and do not expect a gift on 2/14, but at any time of the year. They don't even expect to show their love in just one day... Fake and fake again.

These are the three zodiac signs that hate celebrating Valentine's Day.


Virgos, being practical and sensitive people, get pimples on Valentine's Day. Such a waste of time, energy and money for one day a year? And try what? Also, they think "why spend money on all this when you can invest it in something more useful"?


For Capricorns, Valentine's Day is considered "fake" and meaningless, so they choose to stay out of the festive atmosphere, out of the florist, pastry shop and anything else that sells on that day. Like their girlfriend, Virgo, they also have a more logical and practical attitude, believing that even if they have feelings for the other, it will show once they are with them. Everything else is for talking. If you have a person who belongs to this sign and you invite them to dinner, don't say "no", but don't expect a confession of love from them, under the light of a candle.


Aquarians do not at all like the "assembled" holiday created by multinational postcard companies, with its already romantic atmosphere. So don't expect roses, dinners, chocolates, balloons and hearts from them. They're more likely to tell you they're more interested in Black Friday than Valentine's Day./Icon style

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