NASA cancels the long-awaited mission / "Artemis 1" rocket suffers a defect

2022-08-29 15:04:00, Kuriozitete CNA
NASA cancels the long-awaited mission / "Artemis 1" rocket suffers a

NASA was forced to cancel its long-awaited Artemis I mission on Monday after several problems with the Space Launch System (SLS) that now keep the world's most powerful rocket grounded until at least September 2.

Engineers were working against the clock to resolve a problem with Engine 3, which was not reaching the correct temperature and experiencing an engine leak that was not tested during the final test due to a fuel leak that interrupted the event.

The issue was identified around 7:30am and the launch was officially canceled at 8:35am. Now hundreds of thousands of people who participated in this mission are going home without seeing the launch of the first stage of the epic mission to the Moon.

NASA says it will collect data on the engine leak, and depending on what is collected, the agency will attempt another launch on Friday.

The Artemis I mission is a vital first step if the US space agency is to achieve its goal of landing humans on the lunar surface in three years, possibly including the first woman and the first black person.

If all goes according to plan on Friday, another flight will follow in 2024 – this time with astronauts on board./ CNA.al

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