Quarrel in Kuçovo/ the 29-year-old hits the 65-year-old with hard objects

2024-02-25 10:56:00, Kronika CNA

Quarrel in Kuçovo/ the 29-year-old hits the 65-year-old with hard objects

A quarrel of the moment has aggravated between the 65-year-old Xh. Sh., and the 29-year-old citizen KK, in the premises of a bar in the village of Perondi in Kuçova. 

Police say yesterday that the 29-year-old (citizen with mental problems) hit the 65-year-old with hard objects.

Police officers arrived at the scene where they made it possible to arrest the 29-year-old.

Police announcement:

In the premises of a bar, for weak motives, he hit a 65-year-old man with a hard object, the 29-year-old man was arrested. The father of the 29-year-old is being prosecuted, after threatening the victim, to withdraw the complaint.

As soon as they were notified of a conflict between 2 citizens, in a bar in the village of Perondi, the services of the Kuçovo Police Station organized the work and went to the scene, to find out the circumstances of the conflict and to arrest the person responsible.

The arrest was made immediately of the citizen KK, 29 years old (citizen with mental problems), a resident of Kuçovo, who for weak motives, in the premises of a bar, hit the citizen Xh. Sh., 65 years old.

Following the procedural actions for the case, the materials were referred to the Prosecutor's Office, where the proceedings began in a free state for the father of the KK citizen, the SK citizen, 56 years old, after he threatened the 65-year-old to withdraw the report made to the Police, for this occasion.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the Berat General Jurisdiction, for further actions./ CNA

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