Police release details/ How the fire started at QSUT

2024-02-11 08:50:00, Kronika CNA

Police release details/ How the fire started at QSUT

The police have given details about the fire that broke out today at the new emergency room of the Health and Medical Center.

Blue reports that the fire started in the emergency basement, while the smoke spread throughout the pavilion.

According to the first information, it is suspected that the flames started as a result of an electrical spark around 05:30 in the morning.

Fortunately, no one was injured, while the patients were transported to the Sanatorium hospital in Sauk.

"On 11.02.2024, around 05:30, on Dibra Street, it is suspected that as a result of a spark, a fire broke out on floor -1, in the new emergency room.

Police services, in cooperation with the fire brigade, immediately evacuated the medical staff and patients. The fire has been extinguished and as a result no one was injured.

The investigative group is working to clarify the circumstances of the event," the police announcement states./ CNA

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