'They would kill Suel Çela for beating Ben Lazen, but...'/ Dumani: If I found the spy, I will eat the children

2023-12-11 20:07:00, Kronika Elton Qyno

'They would kill Suel Çela for beating Ben Lazen, but...'/

Nuredin Dumani, the main collaborator of the SPAK Special Prosecutor's Office, had the objective of killing Suel Çela, only that the latter's men had captured and beaten Arben Lazen, the former president of Futbol Klub Elbasani, and a family friend of Erjon Alibey.

Journalist Elton Qyno has learned that during the period of the end of 2020, Laze drove several times in the business area of ??Suel Çela. After the suspicions created, Laze was detained by the people of Sueli, being physically abused.

This unpleasant situation was not reported to the police, but of course Laze informed his friends, Erion Alibej and others.

The group prepares and makes a plan to shoot Suel Çela, but as it appears in the 'SKY' conversations, they have been de-conspired by their own members.

After Suel Çela was made aware of the plan to strike, he took the detailed information to the people who were holding Duman in Durrës and demanded an account.

This thing and this unconspired plan to commit the murder, has enraged Nuredin Duman, who says that if he discovers the person, he will kill the children as well.

According to the investigative file, during the conversation, Dumani is confused, because Arjan Spahiu, whom he calls 'Lali', was killed in Belgium in November 2020, Erjon Alibej was imprisoned, while he was left alone.

In the ongoing conversation, he swears that he will take revenge for the murder of 'Lal', by killing two or more people.

And in his solitude, inside the group he smelled that there were spies who de-conspired him regarding murder plans, as was the case of Suel Çela.

In this case, it seems a bit paradoxical since in the 'SKY' conversations, Dumani appears upset that he had de-conspired about the plan to kill Suel. While in his testimony before the prosecutors, he says that he spoke and talked with Suel Çela in 'Matrix', from whom he received orders to kill Lulzim Masha.

Meanwhile, in another testimony, Dumani says that he met on November 11, 2020 with Sandër Baho alias 'Sakati' in Gjilan, Kosovo, where they talked about implementing the plan to kill Lulzim Masha.

Sakati's journey to Kosovo was verified by SPAK through the verification of his movement in TIMS.

While the plan to attack Suel Çela comes out during a conversation on December 5, 2020 held on 'SKY' between Toto Rinoo who is Nuredin Dumani and another character, part of Dumani's group who is identified as 'Lucky' and called by the nickname 'Pilo' ' and is identified as OK

Among other things, these two people talk to each other, offering consolation and advice that care should be taken, after the murder of Arjan Spahiu in Belgium.

Lucky:  Come on, P, I'll tell you that we're not together at the moment. Brother, have you been well, from home?

Toto Rino:  Good brother's heart, I'm fine, we're all fine. It's just chatter up and down.

Lucky:  Normal brother, this job has a sister who.... In city

Toto Rinoo:  That's why they're killing us, we caught the spy, brother.

Lucky:  Normal brother, I understand what happened. They sold Lalin to us, because there is no other option.

Toto Rinoo:  Only 3 of us know about this conversation. That's it, brother.

Lucky:  You know, brother, I have not talked to P about these things, so it is better for them to know a little. Here's how it happened and I don't know who to blame.

Toto Rinoo:  Where are the women, I will eat the children to the one who sold us. Yes, that's right. What's to be done, it's going to be done bro, we're not going to make Lalit's blood water, but I can't take anything back

Toto Rinoo:  Don't be sad brother's heart, don't leave your brother alone without worry. As long as I'm alive, I'll have you as a younger brother. Don't forget when you have something, you have me for life.

Lucky:  I know, brother, I doubt you, I know that you loved Lal as much as we did. I don't forget brother, and you for anything you need, tell me you are ready for everything.

Toto Rinoo:  How I didn't want it brother, how I didn't want it. Your brother dies for you.

Lucky:  We were heartbroken, but we knew what to do.

Toto Rinoo:  Don't bother me, okay? Never talk to anyone, not even the family.

Lucky:  No brother no worries. I only talk to P about these things.

Toto Rinoo:  When P. comes, tell me to talk a little.

Lucky:  Normal bro. I have a lot of hate inside, but it doesn't matter what people think. Lali should be calm, where he is. May your soul rest in peace.

Toto Rinoo:  Lali is calm because he knows he has brothers back. And he knows that he will be hacked. Don't let your brother's heart be troubled. I don't die without getting Lal's hack, not 1 or 2, but as much as I can think of. Be careful my heart, be careful, be careful.

Lucky:  No bro don't worry about me at all. Ruju and ti aman, this is how it happens, I don't care.

Toto Rinoo:  Let me scratch it, no worries. That the sister p...do lo q..., I will die there.

Lucky:  We don't want to lose anymore, brother, because our soul is in pieces. Beat it, brother, aman.

The conversation continues between two people regarding the release of information about Suel Çela's coup plan. The information was already out and Sueli was aware of this plan. But Dumani and 'Lucky' talk to each other to find the spy. They suspect a member of the group called 'Ceni' and decide to give disinformation to put him to the test.

This conversation takes place between them as follows:

Lucky:  I asked my brother-in-law about this conversation, he didn't know anything either. How did Eri (Erjoni) say something

Toto Rinoo:  But don't ask him because he doesn't know anything, don't embarrass him.

Lucky:  No, it's embarrassing where this talk comes from, because we closed the circle, we are brothers. Lali is no longer. Eri is in prison, then who else knew how to chat? So that we know

Toto Rinoo:  I know that someone close to us is selling to us, there is a possibility. It's Lali's day, it's Eri's day, it's P's day, and Sandri and I.

Lucky:  Then see me here, so we know where to shave, don't talk too much.

Toto Rinoo:  Yes, brother, let's not talk at all, brother, I have to burn that sister who... who is selling us and the children will eat her. Narrow the circle brother, only the two of them remain Sandri and P. The more you narrow the circle. I also talked to Sandri, he was shocked.

Lucky:  Lali is with his brother, Eri is in prison.

Toto Rinoo:  Sandri doesn't speak brother, my chats, P doesn't speak either.

Lucky:  Then who bro? Because we don't understand anything, I can't point the finger at anyone.

Toto Rinoo:  Brother, God forgive me, but I think 'Ceni'. That he cheated a couple of times.

Lucky:  How does 'Ceni' know these conversations?

Toto Rinoo:  This muabet must come from me. If I tell a friend how they told me, for example, look at Sueli and beat Lazen... Did he not see that so-and-so has q... Sueli's slave for Ben. With these words we made the spy.

Lucky:  Don't write to Ceni again!

Toto Rinoo:  No, I don't write anymore, Cenit has a head. Since I cheated with hospitalization, I was there. I'm late for my Cenit visa.

Lucky:  I understand that now I need to be very careful. Ok brother, I will keep it under monitoring.

Toto Rinoo:  Yes, brother, for everything Ceni is heavily monitored and given disinformation. For me, you say that it is here in Elbasan.

Lucky:  Yes bro, when P comes I will tell him.

A few hours later, P, a still unidentified man, comes and talks to Nuredin Duman using 'Lacky's' phone.

Lucky:  O brother o 2 times brother.

Toto Rinoo:  Yes, brother, I have been surprised since this morning.

Lucky:  Yes, brother, Beni will have spoken nai laf, he will have told someone. Nobody else has spoken, I don't know. That there are no conversations to be had.

Toto Rinoo:  I don't know brother, but call Ben and tell him who you talked to? Q... slave, what a shame, our conversation went all the way to Durrës. I said to Ben, pointing the finger at one of them, who wants me here q...robt. But this thing should have come from us. not that we are afraid of this, because I know how to take the news to him and tell him what we are doing. But I'm angry with Tony, why do we have to get out the words.

Lucky:  Yes, the sky fell to earth. I will meet him in the afternoon. Ben was crying to me, you're welcome.

Toto Rinoo:  We will give disinformation, there are people who we suspect are talking and we will see who will come out. And when we make sure who he is, I will come and beat him with my fists, let it be one of ours. You are more intelligent, you know how to bring trouble to spies, than sister p... this spy kills our brothers.

Lucky:  That I am very upset, that my brother was transferred to us (talking about Erjon Alibej)

Toto Rinoo: Don't worry, my brother, because I have a problem with him. I also brought in a man with a separate room.

Lucky:  That director was replaced yesterday and we are trying to put a phone in for at least a week and get it back out.

Toto Rinoo: Brother, it is difficult there, but everything is possible. I don't know who I'm talking to now. Z'di me chi mu mar, my nerves increase every day. But one thing is needed, brother, keep your bags close, don't panic. Do you have a gun?

Toto Rinoo:  I tell Sandri to give me what's there...

Toto Rinoo:  Did you get the order from Sandri brother?

Toto Rinoo:  Open your eyes, iron won't help you much brother.

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