"Why don't you open the way for me"/ The details of the gunshot wound in Korça become clear, how the conflict started

2023-12-10 10:27:00, Kronika CNA
"Why don't you open the way for me"/ The details of the gunshot
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New details have been revealed from the gunshot wound in Korça, where two people, citizens with the initials IH and AQ, were injured.

The citizen IH was wounded in the leg with a firearm, while the citizen AQ was wounded with hard tools.

Sources for CNA indicate that many people are involved in the conflict, while it is believed that the fight started after they did not open the way for each other to pass after leaving the premises of the bar.

It is learned that the people involved in the conflict were drunk and got caught at the exit of the bar for weak motives.

"Why don't you open the way for me", one of those involved in the conflict is reported to have said.

Then they met at the "Triangle" in Korçë and one of the perpetrators pulled out a gun and injured citizen IH in the leg.

Both IH and AQ are in the Trauma Hospital in Tirana where they are under medical care.

The Police Services have escorted to the premises of the Police Station and are interrogating people who know about the incident.

While they are looking for the perpetrators of the event. / CNA


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