Erzen Breçani's testimony is clarified/ What he said to the BKH investigators about Mata and his son

2023-12-08 15:12:00, Kronika CNA
Erzen Breçani's testimony is clarified/ What he said to the BKH
Former head of the State Police, Erzen Breçani

The former head of the State Police, Erzen Breçani, who is still in the cell, was interrogated again a few weeks after his arrest in the presence of his lawyers.

Breçani has again denied being involved in the criminal activity of Ervin Mata, the brother-in-law of his son Eralb Breçani.

He declared before the investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation that he did not receive money from either his son or Ervin Mata.

The former police official clarified the relationship he had with Ervin Mata. He also claimed that he had no knowledge of the illegal activity that Mata is carrying out.

We remind that SPAK issued 11 arrest warrants for the criminal group, of which 5 of them were executed, arresting the former director of the Tirana police, Erzen Breçan, under the charge of providing funds for the criminal group, Dedan Gjonin, head of crimes at the police station number 6, who is accused of collaborating with Bujar Germiz and Besmir Murat for the plan to kill two brothers who lived in Great Britain.

Meanwhile, six people have been declared wanted: Eralbi Breçani, son of Erzen Breçani, businessman Ervin Mata, brother of Eralbi Breçani's wife; Albert Prenga; Ismail Zeneli; Bajram Grabova and Artan Sulejmani. The court has imposed a security measure "obligation to appear" for Jonida Babameton as an officer of the Directorate of Borders and Immigration./ CNA

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