"Unfolds" Blendi Teta, tells the meeting with Ervis Martinaj about the assassination of Malko: He threatened to wall me

2023-12-06 10:22:00, Kronika CNA
"Unfolds" Blendi Teta, tells the meeting with Ervis Martinaj about the
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Blendi Teta, a person who is accused of knowing about the murder of ex-policeman Santiago Malko, has testified in the court process in charge of Leonard and Elis Duka, Fatmir Hysen, Oltion Logut, Aleksandër Manxhak and Dritan Agaj.

Blendi Teta answered the questions of the prosecutor and the lawyers of the defendants and denied that he knew Malko or that he knew about his murder. 

He also showed the meeting he had with Ervis Martinaj, where the latter asked him for information about who was involved in Malko's murder. Then he says that Martinaj threatened to kill him and wall him up. 

Testimony of Bledi Teta:

I do not know Santiago Malko and I have no knowledge of the event of August 27, 2019. At that time I was in Albania. On the 27th, I went for lunch at the bar "La Familia" in the area of ??Fresco. At that time I was the manager of the Duka brothers lottery company for Tirana. I met them 3 years later after I sold my sports betting company to them and Ervis Martinaj. He sent me to dinner in Ervis Metani's car because my friend had taken my car, who had gone to Kavaje for personal business. At dinner with Leonard and Elis Dukes, Fatmir Hysen, Oltion Logut, Aleksandër Manxhak, we were all managers for different gambling circles. I went to lunch around 5:00 PM and stayed until 7:30 or 7:45 PM when I left. Since I didn't have a car, I asked Ilir Selman to accompany me with the work car, which was a white 'Skoda', and use it to transport the lotto tables. Selman accompanied me until I found a taxi. We went to police station 4 and then I went to the children's hospital. One taxi was broken and a kiosk sales told me wait 5 minutes the next taxi is coming. I emphasize that my mobile phone was turned off. Standing there I wanted to go to the toilet. There was no toilet in a bar next to hospital 5 and I went inside the hospital for personal needs," he said. Among other things, he said that after taking care of his personal needs, he took a taxi and went to his friend's house in Don Bosco.

I did not enter the children's hospital, but hospital 5. When the taxi arrived, I headed towards my friend's apartment, in 'Don Bosco'. Meanwhile, my family lives near the dry lake. I practiced the lottery activity from 2005 to September 2019. I learned about the murder a few days later in the newspapers. I then received information that I was wanted for gambling and left for Golem where I stayed until September 13th. I want to clarify that I have the same relationship with Ervis Martinaj and the Duka brothers, a matter of tears. During the time I was in Golem, the taxi driver I used often and who lived below my friend's house told me that the police had searched my house. I didn't talk to my friend because she was afraid that the police had gone. While I had not spoken to my wife and children. When I returned to Tirana on the 13th, the police arrested me, I did not give a statement there, the next day they gave me some papers to sign and told me they were the lawyer's papers. I have nothing to do with this event, nor do I know Santiago Malko.

I want to clarify, honorable court, that even though I knew I was looking for lots, I was moving. On September 8 or 9, 2019, Ervis Martinaj asked to meet me. For this he brought me to meet one of his chunas named Arbër. I met Martinaj the same day at ETC in a bar on the second floor. He was there with some of his group members, among them Erigers Mihasi. There, Martinaj showed me my video when I was waiting for the taxi near the hospital. There they threatened me and asked me to tell about the Duka brothers. Then he took me and sent me at gunpoint to a basement in Sauk. There they threatened me, telling me to tell who was involved in the Malko incident and where the Duka brothers lived. I explained to them that I don't know anything, Martinaj and his group threatened me that they would kill me and wall me up. Then they released me. Dear Court, I want to ask the prosecutor a question.

The Assassination of Santiago Malco:

Santiago Malko was killed on the evening of August 27, 2019 in a mafia-style assassination attempt.

The young man was shot with a firearm while driving out of a car wash on "Xhanfize Keko" street in the "Xhamllik" area, in the capital. 

At the scene of the murder, the police found about 10 cartridges, while the car that was used by the assassins was found burned in the village of Ferraj, about 6.5 kilometers from the scene.

Malko was a former police officer, but in recent years, before he was executed, he was not part of the blue uniforms. / CNA



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