The execution of Entjan Nikulaj, after a series of murders/ Genesis of the conflict with the Lekstakaj tribe

2023-12-03 11:34:00, Kronika CNA

The execution of Entjan Nikulaj, after a series of murders/ Genesis of the

A mafia assassination in the Lezhë-Shkodër axis left 40-year-old Entjan Nikulaj, the son of Ardjan Nikulaj's uncle, a victim. The latter was executed in another attempt on April 19 of this year, in his bar in Shengjin.

The main clue of the investigation into last evening's murder is that of blood feud between the Nikulaj and Lekstakaj tribes.

The enmity between the two tribes has been going on for 27 years.

In 1996, Ardian Nikulaj's brother was killed in a gas station at the exit of the city of Lezha.

At that time, businessman Nikulaj's brother, Pëllumb Nikulaj, together with Fran Qulaj, worked at a gas station.

One of the members of the Lekstakaj family went to supply the car there and at one point the employees started arguing with the driver.

The debate took place with the claim that he had not made the fuel payment, 10 thousand old lek.

After the argument, they left and one of them returned armed a few minutes later, shooting in the direction of the gas station. Ardian Nikulaj's brother Pëllumbi and his colleague Fran Qulaj were also killed by the shooting.

A few months after this event, on September 29, 1997, Gëzim Ded Lekstakaj and Lauren Ndoc Gjetja, specifically uncle and nephew, were killed in Balldre in Lezha. On March 30, 1999, citizen Gjovalin Lekstakaj was killed and Pjetër Lekstakaj was injured.

A witness to the events was Klodian Lekstakaj, the son of one of the victims, Gjovalin Lekstakaj. Klodiani left for England and from there he started an exchange of letters with the Albanian law enforcement institutions, asking to benefit from the status of a protected witness, a status that was denied to him.

On May 26, 2016, a response was sent to Klodian Lekstakaj by the Lezha Prosecutor's Office. It stated that he could not benefit from special protection, but if he returned to Albania to testify voluntarily and if his life was threatened by the murderers of his family, then the director of the State Police was charged with the constitutional duty to protected life.

The chief prosecutor of Lezha at that time specified that he had talked with the Lezha Police about the fact that if the eyewitness of the two murders returned to Lezha to testify, they would protect him. But according to the Prosecutor's Office, Klodian Lekstakaj had to return to Albania.

In the letter that was made available to Klodian Lekstakaj, as a person seeking the protection of the Albanian state, there were some mistakes that called him the son of the injured Pjetër Lekstakaj, when in fact he is the son of the victim, Gjovalin Lekstakaj.

Klodian Lekstakaj has had several communications with the justice authorities, but so far no one has been convicted by the police for these events.

About 21 years after these murders, a series of revenges has begun. On April 19, 2023, Ardian Nikulaj was executed. When only 3 months had passed since this event, on July 19, 2023, Nikolin Lekstakaj was killed and the latest murder is that of Entjan Nikulaj last night./ CNA

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