The "King" of narcotics escapes the Italian authorities, who is the 34-year-old from Lezha, related to the "God" of drugs

2023-12-08 10:12:00, Kronika CNA
The "King" of narcotics escapes the Italian authorities, who is the
Dorian Petoku

Dorian Petoku, the Albanian trafficker convicted as part of an investigation by the authorities in Rome, escaped from the recovery community of Nola, in the province of Naples, where he had been transferred by the judicial authority. 

The person extradited from Albania spent about a year in prison in Italy and then secured the transfer to the community, with an electronic bracelet, as he was considered a drug addict, but he was able to escape. 

Petoku, in July 2022, was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of supplying drugs to the organization previously run by Fabrizio Piscitelli, otherwise known as 'Diabolik'. 

The latter was killed on August 7, 2019 with a bullet to the head. The drug trafficking organization was dismantled with the operation carried out in November 2019 by the soldiers of the financial police provincial command of Rome and Gico and coordinated by the magistrate Michele Prestipino.

Who is Dorian Patoku?

Raised in Lezhë, Albania, Petoku began gaining experience in the world of arms, drug and human trafficking before landing in Rome at Ponte Milvio. The cousin of the first of the Albanian bosses in the capital, Arben Zogu, over the years gained more and more importance in the underworld of the Italian capital. Its importance is immortalized in a photo taken on December 13, 2017 at the 'L'Oliveto' restaurant in Grottaferrata.




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