Police tracking gambling/ 9 arrested, dozens escorted in Korça

2023-12-07 08:56:00, Kronika CNA

Police tracking gambling/ 9 arrested, dozens escorted in Korça

The police have carried out an action against gambling, as a result of which dozens of people have been escorted to the southeast police stations.

According to the information, it is known that the action took place yesterday evening and continued throughout the night.

The focus has been on gambling, while premises and premises have been checked. 15 people were escorted from the Korça police station, while 5 of them were arrested.

In the police station of Pogradec, 5 people were escorted, while 2 of them were arrested, while 3 others were at large. 1 person was arrested from the police station of Maliqi, while a small quantity of cartridges was also found during the search of the bar. 1 person was also arrested in Devolli police station.

There is no case in Cologne.

As for the action, it is learned that it took place all over Albania. In total, in the District of Korça, it is learned that 9 citizens have been arrested, while more than 20 have been escorted./ CNA

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