Is the executor of Liridona High Security Prison raped?/ Director of the SCK: How does the truth stand?

2023-12-10 20:04:00, Kronika CNA
Is the executor of Liridona High Security Prison raped?/ Director of the SCK:
Granit Plava, executor of Liridona Ademaj

Allusions circulated in the media this Sunday that Granit Plava, the executor of Liridona Ademaj, was raped in the High Security Prison.

The General Manager of the Correctional Service of Kosovo, Ismail Dibrani, reacted to this news.

He said that there were attempts to attack him, but this was prevented by the intervention of the prison staff.

"When the prisoners tried to attack him, the staff reacted immediately and prevented the conflict. There is no beating. There were attempted attacks because it is a prison, and the case is sensitive. The public pressure has been great, there may be threats, attempted attacks, but there has never been physical contact. Even for this attempt, we will establish the investigative commission and we will come out with concrete results", said Dibrani to the media in Kosovo.

There is also an official statement from the Correctional Service of Kosovo, which states that the 3 arrested are being held in different centers.

"The Correctional Service of Kosovo informs the public opinion that the persons suspected of the murder of the deceased LA are distributed in three correctional centers and due to the sensitivity of the case they have a high level of security.

We announce that against the detainee GP, there was only an attempt to attack him during the planned time for walking. We also inform you that there was no attempt at self-harm or suicide, at the moment it was noticed that the blanket was damaged, the staff reacted in time.
The Kosovo Correctional Service has established the Investigative Commission to clarify all the circumstances related to the case and will continue to keep the public informed", the statement emphasizes./ CNA

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