Part of a criminal organization and accused of drug trafficking/ "Most wanted" is caught

2023-12-10 11:09:00, Kronika CNA
Part of a criminal organization and accused of drug trafficking/ "Most
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Following the intensive actions of the Police, carried out within the framework of the implementation of the measures defined in the national operational plan "Rule of Law", for the capture of citizens announced as wanted internationally or nationally, as well as those who possess weapons without a permit and narcotics, as well as based on the information provided by the police intelligence, for an internationally wanted citizen, who was moving in the neighborhood area no. 14, Durrës, the Police services organized the work for his capture.

The Special Operational Forces of the DVP Durrës, in cooperation with the services of the Durrës Police Station, are in pursuit of a wanted citizen.

This citizen, when he saw that he was being followed by the Police, quickly left in an area with reeds and complete darkness, but after a few minutes of chasing and checking the territory, the Police located and handcuffed the 38-year-old from Durrës.

After the exchange of information with Interpol Tirana and Interpol Rome, at the end of the first actions, a provisional arrest was made for the purpose of extradition to Italy, of citizen AD, 38 years old, resident of Likmetaj, Durrës.

The 38-year-old was declared an international wanted man, after the Court of Naples, Italy, has assigned the security measure "Arrest with prison", for the criminal offenses "Criminal organization" and "Trafficking of narcotics" provided by the Italian Penal Code.

Interpol Tirana, in cooperation with Interpol Rome and law enforcement agencies, continues the work for the extradition of the AD citizen to Italy./ CNA

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