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The police raid the mayor's offices, suspicions of corruption

2024-04-03 19:31:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The police raid the mayor's offices, suspicions of corruption
Mayor Edouard Philippe of the city of Le Havre

French police searched the offices of Mayor Edouard Philippe in the city of Le Havre on Wednesday as part of a preliminary investigation into possible corruption and financial embezzlement, a judicial source said. Mr. Philippe served as Prime Minister of France during President Macron's first term.

Currently the mayor of the city of Le Havre, Philippe is widely seen as the likely candidate to succeed Mr Macron in the 2027 presidential election.

Mr. Philippe's office said in a statement that he and his team "are fully at the disposal of the prosecution to provide all the necessary elements for the investigation."

Speaking earlier to news channel BFM TV, Mr Philippe said he and his team plan to show investigators that they are following the rules.

The check is "part of a preliminary investigation opened in December 2023 into allegations of influence peddling, favoritism, misuse of public funds and psychological harassment," the source said, without specifically naming Mr. Philippe.

But the newspaper "Le Monde" wrote earlier that the investigation directly targets Mr. Philippe, as well as some of his assistants.

Mr Philippe resigned as prime minister in 2020 ahead of a government reshuffle. He was the first prime minister of President Macron's government, who left the conservative party "Les Republicans" to join the president's team after the 2017 elections.

In 2020, Mr. Philippe was re-elected mayor of Le Havre, an industrial port city in northern France where he built his political career.

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