Independent Russian media documents over 50,000 casualties among Russian soldiers

2024-04-13 17:14:50, Kosova & Bota CNA

Independent Russian media documents over 50,000 casualties among Russian

An independent Russian media has documented more than 50,000 casualties among Russian military personnel since the aggression against Ukraine began more than two years ago, but tens of thousands more are believed to have lost their lives.

Mediazona, which, in collaboration with the BBC, calculates Russian war casualties based on deaths recorded from open sources, said in its latest update that 50,471 members of the Russian military had died in the war since it began in February 2022. .

Based on the records of compensations for the families of the killed soldiers, their number is over 85 thousand, according to Mediazona, which says that this should be the real number.

The outlet also says that Russia has lost many tanks, armored vehicles and artillery units in recent weeks, although casualties from these losses are not included in the latest report.

According to Mediazone, Russia loses about 1,200 soldiers per week.

According to the Ukrainian military, the Russian military has suffered 451,730 casualties in the war, including deaths and injuries, while the United States and British intelligence put the number of Russian casualties at 300,000.

Kiev has claimed that more than 180,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. Russia rarely releases casualty figures. According to Moscow's latest estimate, seven months after the war began, their number was below 6,000. Ukraine has said that it has lost 31,000 soldiers since the beginning of the war./ VOA

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