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Ukraine with new military mobilization law

2024-04-12 08:39:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Ukraine with new military mobilization law

To strengthen the country's military, which is suffering heavy losses in the war against Russian occupation troops, the Ukrainian parliament approved a reform of the military mobilization law. After several months of consultations, the contested draft law was accepted. The law change allows the government in Kiev to call in more soldiers. As the army at the front that is on the defensive does not only suffer from a lack of weapons and ammunition, but also of soldiers. Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksandr Fedienko said the adoption of the law is "a message to our partners that we are ready to regain our territory and that we need weapons."

Ukraine with new military mobilization law

Tougher regulations for men of conscription age

Mainly, the rules for the registration of men of conscription age have been tightened in the new law. With the entry into force of the law, men between the ages of 18 and 69 are obliged to carry with them the document that confirms the age for the army as long as the law of war is in force. Within two months, men must update their personal data, otherwise they will be penalized. New Ukrainian documents abroad will be issued only if the military documents also exist. But they can be provided only after returning to Ukraine.

In addition to the fines for ignoring the call to the army, in the future, in some exceptional cases, men of military age also risk getting their driver's license. The blocking of giro accounts for this case was dismissed. In the new law, soldiers no longer have the right to suspend military service after three years. The fact that after the first debate in the parliament, more than 4,000 requests for changes were submitted shows how contested this law was. /DW

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