Europol, action for the illegal production of weapons/ 10 workshops are discovered

2023-12-05 15:51:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Europol, action for the illegal production of weapons/ 10 workshops are

Europol, together with the Spanish authorities, have carried out an investigation into the illegal production of weapons.

The investigation was launched in 2023 by the Civil Guard and expanded further to Europe and North America who had purchased specific tools to manufacture or modify firearms.

Some of the people involved in this illegal activity had previous criminal records, including for crimes related to the production of weapons.

The investigations revealed several illegal workshops for the production of firearms. In some cases, people have used heavy industrial machinery to manufacture weapons without permission.

In other cases, the suspects used 3D printing to manufacture some of the components needed to assemble the firearms.

The operation resulted in 10 arrests, 6 from Spain, 1 in Sweden and 3 in the United Kingdom.

10 illegal firearms factories in Canada, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom were also dismantled.

24 people are wanted, 2 in Canada, 9 in Germany, 2 in Ireland, 5 in Spain, 1 in Sweden, 2 in the Netherlands and 3 in the United Kingdom.

It is learned that 70 illegal firearms were confiscated, including rifles, automatics, 3D printed semi-automatics, pistols.

Over 37,000 rounds of ammunition, explosive precursors, gunpowder and a grenade launcher were also confiscated.

The results of the actions carried out in different countries highlighted the importance of law enforcement cooperation across borders to combat the illegal production and trafficking of firearms.

Numerous raids led to the discovery of illegal private printing presses in Canada, Germany, Spain and Sweden./ CNA

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