"After the funeral, Naimi rushes me"/ Shaban Murseli's confession: He said don't give statements, the investigations are interrupted

2023-12-04 21:26:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
"After the funeral, Naimi rushes me"/ Shaban Murseli's
Naim Murseli

Shaban Murseli, the father of Naim Murseli, in an interview, told how his son asked him not to give statements after Liridona's burial.

"He rushed at me and said, 'don't give statements because you're disrupting the investigations,'" Shabani said.

Apparently, Naimi was afraid of falling into contradictions regarding the things he confessed and of not being discovered.

Despite the fact that this crime was committed by his son Shaban Murseli, he says that he was saddened when he found out about the terrible news, as he says that he loved Liridona more than his daughters.

"Believe me, I swear to you... someone had different information behind me, but the ones I've been with are called 'principals', never any indication that I have a day. The funeral was over, I came to the house full of people before and after talking to them, I met my son every time and he rushed at me and said 'don't give statements because you spoil the investigations'. I told him that I have no information, I only spoke what I heard. I am very shocked. I love Liridona more than my daughters. There were some policemen there, they checked, there was nothing. A policeman asked us to vacate the room. That policeman and I are sitting on the bed. He said to me, 'Sir, I am very sorry, we have enough evidence that Naimi is the perpetrator of the crime'. There I was shocked because after giving the whole world, I wouldn't even think that my son did that," said Naim Murseli's father./ CNA

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