How did the murder of Liridona happen? The police were convinced of the man's involvement when he did not pray the funeral at the funeral

2023-12-05 10:03:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

How did the murder of Liridona happen? The police were convinced of the

The journalist of A2CNN in Pristina, Ideal Gola, revealed in the show "Dita Jonë", details of the event that shocked public opinion, where Naim Murseli staged a robbery and paid a killer to take the life of his wife Liridona.

Yesterday, the deceased was reburied by her family in her native village, in Rracaj, Gjakova, after the Basic Prosecutor's Office accepted the family's request to exhume her on Sunday at noon.

Senior political figures of Kosovo also participated in the ceremony. Thus, some of the motives which allegedly pushed Naim Murseli to organize the murder of the mother of his children have been rejected.

"There was talk of a divorce proceeding that started in 2019 in Sweden, but Liridona's brother and Naim's father have denied it. Afterwards, Liridona's family raised suspicions that this was done for a life insurance worth millions of euros, but the amount of 20 million euros that was rumored to benefit Naimi after his wife's death does not exist.

As for the chronology of the event, Gola explained that the murder happened after the couple had dinner in a restaurant, about 12 kilometers from Pristina. What raised doubts among the police were the contradictory testimonies of Naim Murseli, but also his behavior at the burial ceremony of his late wife.

"On the night of the murder, they had decided to have dinner in Graçanica, 12 km from Pristina. There was also the dorasi, the author Granit Plava, who remained distant and followed all the movements of the couple. Then they left, heading home to the luxury house in Pristina that Naimi had just bought. The area is known as the village of Bërnica, a mountain road without lighting or security cameras monitoring it. Mainly narrow and not very frequented road. Granit Plava, disguised, appeared in front of the car. According to Naim Murseli's testimony, Liridona was the first to see him and asked him to stop. The first suspicions of Liridona's family have appeared, because Granit with a mask went immediately to the passenger door, to Liridona, not from the driver. According to Naim, he gave instructions in Swedish for them to flee. He took the children and said that after a few meters he heard a crack. Graniti took his life with a bullet in Liridona's neck. The police kept Naim's behavior under observation during the funeral. There were some rituals during the burial that he did not perform, which is not usual for a relative, such as the funeral prayer that he did not attend. Behavior that has caught the attention of the media and officials."/ A2CNN

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