Ukraine threatens to lose US aid in the new year

2023-12-05 07:45:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Ukraine threatens to lose US aid in the new year
Ukrainian soldier in Kupyansk

Ukraine's survival depends largely on the United States and its support. Now, a letter from the White House urgently warns of the collapse of aid to Kiev.

According to the government in Washington, the funds authorized by the US Congress for Ukraine will run out completely by the end of the year. This comes from a letter sent by the Director of the US National Budget Office, Shalanda Young, to the leaders of both houses of Congress.

If the US parliament does not act, the government will no longer have funds to buy more weapons and equipment for Ukraine, or to provide equipment to Kiev from its own military stockpile, starting in the New Year. The White House released the letter on Monday.

Ukraine threatens to lose US aid in the new year
US National Budget Office Director Shalanda Young

Young: The probability of Russian victories increases

Young urged Congress to act: "We're out of money and almost out of time." There is "no magic pot" from which funds can be drawn, Young warned. If the flow of weapons and equipment from the US is cut off, it would "bring Ukraine to its knees on the battlefield."

This fact would not only jeopardize Ukraine's successes, but would increase the likelihood of a Russian victory. "If our aid is cancelled, it will cause significant problems for Ukraine." Even if international partners increased their support, they would not be able to offset US aid.

97% of the funds were used

Young listed what had already been used of the funds approved to date. The US Department of Defense, for example, had already used 97% of the funds approved for Ukraine. The money intended for economic aid to Ukraine has already been used in full.

"If Ukraine's economy collapses, they won't be able to keep fighting, period." It requires the necessary funds to be released quickly. "We're out of money and almost out of time," Young said.

Ukraine threatens to lose US aid in the new year
President Biden and US National Budget Office Director Shalanda Young (second left)

The US is Ukraine's main military backer and has already contributed billions of euros. US President Joe Biden had requested new funding totaling about $106 billion for Ukraine, Israel and other spending.

However, there is growing resistance in Congress to the current level of support for Ukraine. Some Republicans are demanding a tougher border policy on the Mexican border in exchange for their support.

Meanwhile, Kiev expects new massive Russian missile attacks on Ukraine's energy supplies - after a long hiatus. "If these attacks haven't started yet, they could start any day," Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat said in an interview published by the RBK-Ukraine news agency. Russia's defense industry has ramped up production of missiles and fighter jets without pilot./ DW

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