Naim Murseli's father denies that his son has mental problems/ Reveals why he suffered

2023-12-04 22:50:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Naim Murseli's father denies that his son has mental problems/ Reveals why
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Naim Murseli's father, Shaban Murseli, denied that his son had mental problems. During an interview on RTV Dukagjini, he said that the only problem his son had was with his heart, in which he had an intervention when he was only two months old.

"Our emotional and physical condition is miserable. The deceased has two children that we are taking care of, it is very difficult. We are still waiting to tell them about the death in the presence of psychologists when they return to Sweden. "Naimi was born with a heart defect, he had an operation just two months ago in Zagreb, and that was the reason why we went to Sweden," he said.

He further stated that he wanted to participate in the reburial of Liridona as he considered her as his daughter, but he received a negative response from them.

 "I wrote to Liridona's father, I wanted to participate in the reburial because I considered her as my daughter. The answer was negative. They told me that our friendship has ended and that I cannot participate in the funeral", declared Murseli.

He emphasized that he has not hired a lawyer for Naim Murseli while describing his son as a happy and smiling child.

 "He was a happy, smiling child. Naimi has not been able to suffocate a butterfly. "Never in our lives have we seen that there was a problem, nor have we been told, they were the happiest couple that could exist."

"I asked where Naimi is, they told me that the prosecutor's office called him in for questioning. Naim came 30 minutes after the corpse. It was delayed in the prosecutor's office until they asked the children. When we were called to say the last goodbye to Liridona, I met Naim but I only expressed my condolences. The funeral took place. After we buried him, I gave an interview that was misused a lot, because I had no information, only what I had heard. "I ran away, they killed Liridona", Naimi had told me", said Shaban Murseli./ CNA

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