Council of the EU, reservation for Kosovo/ It will demand more results in the rule of law

2023-12-05 13:58:35, Kosova & Bota CNA

Council of the EU, reservation for Kosovo/ It will demand more results in the

The Council of the European Union will call on Kosovo to do more in the field of the rule of law, as well as in the fight against corruption and organized crime, while it will welcome the entry into force of visa liberalization for citizens of Kosovo from January 1 of the coming year.

This order is in the draft conclusions that are expected to be approved by the EU member countries at the meeting of the General Affairs Council, on December 12, at the ministerial level, which are then expected to be confirmed by the EU leaders. , at a summit scheduled to be held on December 14 and 15.

Radio Free Europe has had access to the draft of this document. It says that the Council "has taken into account the limited progress of Kosovo in the field of the rule of law".

Most of the conclusions, which are dedicated to Kosovo, have to do with the security situation in the north of the country, and with the dialogue with Serbia.

The Council is expected to express "concern due to the lack of freedom of expression and the limitation of pluralism in the north of Kosovo".

"The Council is deeply concerned about the situation in the north of Kosovo, including the security situation. Some unilateral actions from Kosovo and Serbia, such as the collective resignation of Kosovo Serbs from the institutions, and the boycott of local elections in the north of Kosovo, have increased tensions even more," the text says.

The Council is expected to strongly condemn "the violent attacks of Kosovo Serb protesters against KFOR troops, law enforcement agencies and the media on May 29, 2023".

"New elections in the north of Kosovo should be held as soon as possible, and Kosovo Serbs should participate in them, without any preconditions. Kosovo Serbs should also return to the institutions from which they left. This should be facilitated by Kosovo and encouraged by Serbia", says the draft conclusions.

As for the measures that the EU has imposed on Kosovo, which are justified by the "lack of steps to escalate the situation in the north", the willingness to remove those measures is expressed, in case there is progress in meeting the requirements .

"The Council welcomes the taking of steps towards the implementation of some EU requirements. The Council recalls that the EU remains ready to remove the measures, in case of further progress in fulfilling the existing requirements", says the text seen by REL.

The Council, even through these conclusions, is expected to repeat that there is no justification for violence, as well as to condemn the attacks on the Kosovo Police, in the village of Banjské in Zveçan, on September 24.

"The Council underlines the improvement of cooperation between the Kosovo Police and EULEX regarding this attack. The Council welcomes the strengthening of KFOR's presence, especially on the border/administrative line between Kosovo and Serbia", the text says, where Kosovo and Serbia are also called upon to refrain from inflammatory rhetoric.

The EU can take measures, both towards Kosovo and Serbia, if they do not refrain from inciting tensions.

"The Council expects Kosovo and Serbia to find a stable solution for the situation in the north of Kosovo, which would guarantee security and representative democracy for all citizens," the text says.

"The Council asks Kosovo to engage in the dialogue facilitated by the EU with good will and in the spirit of compromise, to reach a comprehensive, legally binding agreement with Kosovo, for the normalization of relations, in accordance with international law and with EU laws, without further delay. This Agreement must address all the key open issues, and in this way contribute to the stability of the region", says this document, which recalls that both parties will risk their European journey, in case they do not take advantage of this occasion.

The Council is expected to express regret for the lack of implementation by both sides of the Basic Agreement for the normalization of reports and the annex, as well as other issues reached in the dialogue.

"We ask Kosovo to implement them in full and without further delay. This also includes the establishment of the Association/Community of Municipalities with a Serbian majority. The Council welcomes the readiness of Kosovo and Serbia to accept the draft presented by the EU facilitator, understanding that further work should be done on its basis", the text says.

The Council is expected to invite the EU's special representative for dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia to complete the agenda for the next meeting of the Special Group for Normalization, to take into account Kosovo's obligations arising from the Agreement and its implementation annex.

Kosovo is expected to be urgently and constructively invited to engage in regional cooperation activities and to respect the obligations from the Free Trade Agreement - CEFTA and from the Stabilization and Association Agreement, including by removing the decision to ban the import of goods from Serbia.

The EU Council is expected to welcome the clear geostrategic orientation of Kosovo, which has been proven through the harsh condemnation of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, and through the voluntary adaptation of its positions in foreign policy to those of the European Union./ REL

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