Horoscope, Sunday, February 4, 2024/ What the stars have predicted, according to Paolo Fox

2024-02-03 23:00:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Sunday, February 4, 2024/ What the stars have predicted, according to


This Sunday you will be a little nervous, but you should be careful not to vent all the stress in your romantic life. You will feel stuck both in love and at work, but don't discourage it. There will be excellent opportunities for success. You just need to believe in yourself more.


This Sunday enjoy some relaxation with your loved one because you need it. At work it is a good time to get involved and make plans for the future. It is not the best time for your finances, be careful with your expenses.


Today is the time to clarify your feelings a little and if there is something wrong in love, speak up. At work, pay attention to the economic sphere. You've been spending beyond your means lately and now your wallet is emptying.

The crab

Not everything is going as you would like in love, but try to understand who your heart really beats for. At work, the desire to have results is great and success is really close. Roll up your sleeves and there will be no problems or disappointments.


Enjoy this day to recharge your emotional batteries together with your partner. In terms of work, everything is going well, but you should be careful not to overdo it with your actions.


Be careful because this day of the opposite moon brings some problems in love. You may end up arguing unnecessarily with your partner and then regret it. In terms of work, you can achieve a lot in this period, keep working.


In love you have to show all your patience because there can be arguments. At work if you are not satisfied, change. Financially, think twice before making risky expenditures.


This day is beautiful for lovers, so organize something nice for the man of your heart. At work everything goes in the best way. There will be great opportunities in every field, but one must be careful with finances.


The opposite moon brings a little nervousness in love, so be careful not to argue with your partner about anything. At work, try to recharge the batteries. You will see that there will be excellent opportunities for success in every field. Don't be upset if something doesn't go according to plan.


During this day you will be reserved about the display of feelings, but be careful not to fall into too many negative thoughts. There is much weariness at work, yet great opportunities for success come. You will see that soon everything will be fine.


This Sunday try to devote more time to love. If singles have someone they like, they should be open and show their feelings. You are in a phase of big changes at work. Finances are not good, so they have to be smart.


A lot of good news comes in love, but don't be afraid of it. Everything is going well at work so be proud of yourself. You will show everyone what you are made of. Your finances may be "sailing through murky waters"./ CNA

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