Horoscope, Thursday, February 1, 2024 / Paolo Fox's forecast for each zodiac sign

2024-01-31 23:01:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Thursday, February 1, 2024 / Paolo Fox's forecast for each


The static and boring phase that has accompanied you for several weeks and that makes you a little nervous continues. We will have to wait at least until mid-February to regain the lost momentum. This is a transitional period in which prudence will be needed.


With Mars, Mercury and Venus in your favor, this recovery phase will continue in your love and work life. One is experiencing a new beginning, which will also serve to rediscover the desire to return to the game and feel strong emotions.


After a gray period in your life, you are now finding a new motivation to move forward and believe in what you do. In love, especially in the second half of February, decisive moments will come which will especially concern couples who had found a balance.

The crab

It is right to let things flow on their own by avoiding reacting to provocations. Today, until the 13th of this month, there will be things that can cause you annoyance and annoyance. You should not lose optimism even when everything seems lost.


A much less stressful day awaits you compared to the ones you just had. You're a competitive sign that likes to shine. Thanks to the support of the stars, there will be opportunities to gain great pleasure and receive recognition professionally. From June you will have very clear ideas about your future.


You will find an inner balance. Only in this way will you be able to bring out your best and show others who you really are and your great talent. In relationships with Capricorns and Scorpios you can experience very pleasant moments. In the first 10 days of February, things can happen that will allow you to make a change.


The turbulent phase that accompanied you in the latter part of January will continue until at least February 5, after which things will slowly improve. The second half of February will be much more profitable. Everything that now seems like a distant goal will become much easier to achieve.


It doesn't pay to look like good people, especially when it comes to feelings. Now is the time to clarify everything that is wrong, to be firm and talk openly about everything that bothers you.


During the following hours, you will have to pay attention above all to your relationships with the signs of Pisces and Taurus, with whom misunderstandings or doubts may easily arise that may bother you later. From the second part of February you will have Venus in a positive aspect.


Being too stubborn can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this makes you unhappy, because you try to improve yourself and nothing suits you, while on the other hand, it makes you always dig deeper in every situation.


Day by day the vitality that you had lost in the last part of January is returning. However, be careful. You will have to face dissatisfaction especially with regard to work. You will soon have Venus on your side and this will turn into a greater desire for fun and companionship.


Compared to January, February will be much more constructive and you will see some optimism reborn in you. Something good can happen in relationships with Cancers and Scorpios. You will soon change your perspective and way of looking at things and you will definitely be much more positive./ CNA

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