Horoscope, Monday, January 29, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted for you, according to Paolo Fox

2024-01-28 23:03:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Monday, January 29, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted


In the last few days, someone may have pushed people away from you. There will be clarifications in married life. We are heading towards a year that will be full of surprises.


The moon and stars are in your favor. Sometimes you need a jolt of excitement that gets you back into the game. A great February awaits you. Anyone who has closed a story will be able to recover.


Venus is finally no longer in opposition. Everyone has to choose their life and the choices go in the direction of their needs. Those who have remained a little closed in themselves will have to reduce the distance from their loved one.

The crab

This week starts for you with some doubts in love. This is especially true for couples who love each other. Beware of the words behind your back.


Many of you are tense, anxious and tired. Mars and Venus will be in your favor, so you are very ready to fall in love. Pay attention to economic and work matters.


Venus is in an interesting transit with a favorable Moon, especially in the morning. You can avoid annoyances, try to solve problems and try new solutions. In February, look for some reassurance in love after last month's many doubts.


We are almost in February, a month that will leave room for some indecision at work and in the family. A certain situation needs to be clarified, there is a work conflict but it is not your fault, maybe you are dealing with a slightly crazy person.


The choices you make in love this month will be important. Maybe someone will finally experience a great thrill. These days it's hard to stay away from good stories and good feelings. Expect improvements next week.


By nature you prefer travel. It would be a shame to lock yourself in the house. Singles will try to find the person of their heart, to experience beautiful emotions. Have courage!


By nature you always want to renew your life, for you it is an important step as you count a lot on the decisions you make. Sometimes you need to change your job or lifestyle. Between February and May a dream can come true.


There is a desire to move, to change life, but it depends on the age and the person. It cannot be ruled out that someone ends a collaboration and resumes something they haven't done for a long time. Be careful because even love can pay a price.


Venus is hostile. Even if everything is not solved with a magic wand, you can try to walk more to progress. February opens for a better situation from a sentimental point of view./ CNA

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