Who will be lucky in love today according to Paolo Fox/ Horoscope, Saturday January 13, 2024

2024-01-13 08:27:00, Horoskopi CNA

Who will be lucky in love today according to Paolo Fox/ Horoscope, Saturday


After months of stopping, thinking or just studying strategies, soon there will be a nice promotion, or you can be re-evaluated within the same company, or moved somewhere else. As for love, this day will also be a period of reflection. That's why I've been asking everyone in a relationship for some time to be careful. In particular, those who have decided to marry or live together will want to have more security. 


If you suffer from minor physical discomforts it is good to be careful, because this evening you may feel even more exhausted. This fatigue comes from the fact that you haven't stopped for a while. In the meantime, think about big projects. So, the closer we get to the middle of the year, the more these projects will have to be concretely defined. Based on the position of the Moon, I recommend especially today, Saturday, not to get angry, to look for a solution.


For singles, a new relationship may soon be born, if it hasn't happened yet! But random, overly imaginative stories should be avoided. Moreover, at the beginning of the month even long-term couples experienced a difficult moment. Monotony turns off emotions and love.

The crab

At the end of this month of January, a love will be put to the test, so be careful, because those who have been far away from their partner or perhaps did not make a promise for fear of getting too involved, may have second thoughts. Stories that have experienced crisis in this period will have to be followed carefully, we will move forward only if there will be cooperation from both sides. In the coming months we will be able to talk about work, about love, we will be able to make more appropriate choices.


Be careful because today the Moon in opposition can cause an excessive state of fatigue. This also means that it will not be easy to keep tensions under control, with the risk of anger for trivial reasons, and so it is better not to take anything for granted. Let's not forget that new developments are on the horizon in the field of work, you also need guarantees for the coming months. Greater caution is required in economic matters.


Until the end of this month it is possible to get a big treat! I do not rule out good projects on the horizon, good solutions for those who have remained on the station for a long time. If you've been looking for new horizons or thinking of doing something new, keep going. The end of this month may reveal a love.


I warn that the end of January, as well as the beginning of February, can be complex for feelings. I'm not saying that all couples risk a crisis. Often, you think you are in love just when you think you are very worried about someone or even feel bad. Just do not overdo it, you should not become self-harming, even because you have not experienced many tensions and problems since the summer of last year. Now you have to think only about your well-being.


Every situation must be faced with calmness, especially if it has to do with dissatisfactions or irritations that arise within the family, where for some time someone has noted an increase in contradictions or certain difficulties. You may also worry about someone who is not well. Aquarius, Leo and Taurus are signs that often make you experience deep inner contrasts. For these signs there is attraction but also a growing sense of incomprehension.


The weekend speaks of a positive growth situation, with the Moon in excellent aspect we move forward better and this period can complete a situation with great advantage. Everything that begins at this moment, even at the level of emotions and meetings, can be useful for the better development of the future. 


It will be another important day both for the emotional state and the economic side. Be ready for action, for a recovery that will become even more beautiful in the coming weeks, and let's not forget that Venus will be in your sign starting on the 23rd, so new paths can be started. I imagine you've put in a lot of effort, but the important thing is to keep going. No one can stop your ascension, even if as usual everything depends on your qualities and desire. 


The work choices made since the fall of last year are not entirely satisfactory. There are those who plan to change their life, workplace or place of residence within the next season. This day reflects your irritated, nervous spirit and perhaps even a strong fatigue that you must try to manage with a lot of balance, otherwise you risk being overwhelmed and above all you risk creating a crisis! Stories that are already in crisis or imply that you have experienced hard times should be treated more carefully, especially now that the Moon is in opposition.


Remember that your sign is ruled by Neptune and this planet represents dreams. You have to work hard to turn your dreams into reality, otherwise you live in a fantasy world that is hard to come true. But I hope that most, especially in the case of recent disappointments, are ready to make new acquaintances. A feeling speaks clearly, those who do not have a love seek it, after a difficult beginning of January you can start again. Meanwhile, a pleasant job offer may arrive within the first few days of February. 


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