Horoscope, Wednesday, January 31, 2024/ What the stars have predicted for the zodiac signs

2024-01-30 23:01:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Wednesday, January 31, 2024/ What the stars have predicted for the


Try to keep everything under control in this period of nervousness. Venus, Mars and Mercury in a critical aspect can create some instability and some dilemmas that are not easy to solve, maybe even a physical or work problem. Reacting harshly will only make matters worse.


The next 24 hours you will struggle with love issues or work problems. Someone will be asked to achieve more results at work very quickly. From the second half of February you will also have possible clashes, controversies and legal issues.


Those born under this sign, unlike Aries and Taurus, are far from nervousness and trouble. The moment of misunderstandings has already passed, some stories have failed, but you have been strong to withstand the storm. Now you will feel freer and able to let go of some worries.

The crab

Possible tensions caused by a planet in a strange position, you risk getting angry or quarreling with people who are not on the same wavelength as you. Try to stay calm and get to the end of the day without causing trouble or noise


This is a time of reflection for those who have a part-time job or have doubts about work. The difference compared to the previous weeks is that despite everything things now seem clearer. From June onwards, things will change.


Mercury, favorable Mars, Venus and Jupiter will help you if you are involved in any event. You will have the opportunity to win a challenge, but not without trying. Do not underestimate the passions that must be guided by reason.


At this moment you do not feel "safe", perhaps because those around you do not convey a great reliability. What reinforces this feeling is your emotional nature, so you risk getting upset over trivial things. Don't worry, it will pass soon.


For you, this week is promising. You have to let things flow on their own. To avoid collisions, especially at work, choose the safest route and do not fall prey to provocations. During these days you will clarify some doubts.


You will be looking for more freedom after a period of strict restrictions. Adventures await you in love, but also dangerous things that will take you out of the monotony. Don't overdo it! You do not lack imagination as well as the desire to reawaken passions.


You must reflect carefully on your ability, on the possibilities you have to complete a project and carry out an initiative as well as possible. Life for you is an adventure and you hate defeats, as well as limits set for no real reason.


You started 2024 in a not so good way, especially some of you who had to take care of your health or solve a small problem. You feel tired, but you are ready to be "hit" by a positive planetary transit that will bear fruit in February.


You are rewarded by the stars in these 24 hours, every emotion can be important especially if shared with the right people. The year didn't start in the best way, someone had to give up a love or had to change their life, but now you are off to a great start./ CNA

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