Horoscope, Saturday February 3, 2024/ What the stars have predicted for the zodiac signs, according to Paolo Fox

2024-02-02 23:09:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Saturday February 3, 2024/ What the stars have predicted for the


What is coming is certainly an important weekend, characterized by courage. If you're torn between the two stories, it's time to make a decision. Make your choice. Have courage.


This will be a weekend in which you will have to try to solve a small personal problem. Don't worry if you feel tired physically or mentally because you will be able to recover on the weekend.


This weekend promises to be interesting, but you still experience strong doubts, especially if you have your own business. You must continue to believe in yourself and in your ideas that will give you great satisfaction in the future. Be patient!

The crab

During the next few hours you will likely have to respond to various problems that have arisen in the workplace. Roll up your sleeves to work!


A positive weekend to many of you. Open up to a person who you feel is your point of reference. The first days of next week will also be favorable for you.


Some of you have physical difficulties, feel stressed and under pressure. Try to relax and if possible go on a trip. Beware of arguments, try to avoid them. Be more flexible and less vulnerable than usual!


February will be important to understand in which direction you are going, both in work and in love. So, a moment is coming where there can be a lot of doubts, confusion and even tensions which will then have to lead to final decisions. Try to be clear!


Be less critical, otherwise you can ruin romantic relationships and friendships. If you have to do some criticism, check yourself by Sunday, otherwise you might even ruin a historic friendship. Be careful what you say!


By not having biases, you are unlikely to fail in your goals. Although you are not knowledgeable in all areas, you undertake projects without any particular fear. Be present and always act according to your logic, don't be influenced.


If you really love your family, don't neglect it for work. Find time to be with your partner and children by organizing a trip out of town. Some of you are trying to recover financially after going on crazy spending sprees.


The most important thing to do now is to find good psychophysical energy again, as things have been a bit difficult lately. Rest assured, the situation will soon change for the better.


An interesting but tiring weekend awaits you, which is somewhat similar to the last period. A turning point is coming, especially for those who have separated or experienced a strong love crisis during the month of January.

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