Meri Shehu makes the monthly forecast/Surprises for each sign in February

2024-02-01 15:40:00, Horoskopi CNA
Meri Shehu makes the monthly forecast/Surprises for each sign in February
Astrology Meri Shehu

Astrology Meri Shehu has made the monthly horoscope prediction from the house of "Big Brother VIP Albania 3".

Meri said that the month of February will be very solidary, with new ideas with human collaborations and with revolutionary ideas.

According to her, this energy comes from the influence of the new Moon in Aquarius, which will bring great changes, but also the strength to overcome them.

Astrology stated that the new moon will face Jupiter in Taurus, it will be explosive and will make most people break out of certain contours where they think they are safe.

Prediction for each sign:


He will start making friends, he will go out, he will flirt and it will be a month that I will expand his relationships and communications. Society, fun, and I believe it's time to prepare for a beautiful spring life, but you'll start with big flirtations. I will fly all over the place to see what suits him.


He will fight an important career issue, someone will take the things he has achieved. So that this care preserves the workplace and the relationship as a couple.


They will travel, free themselves from shackles and feel free after a year to do the things they want. They will not want to stay in a place that they think has blocked them. The house twins here will find ways to fly and find new ideas to unfold.

The crab

Psychologically, they are a little broken. Until the new moon comes, they will think they have health and other problems, and they will feel it very strongly these first days, we will understand later where the problems come from. A loved one has betrayed them a little, there they will be disappointed.

The lions

The new moon will be in front of them, so far the roads seem unclear, like busy, but there is time for a new start. After a few days, they should understand how to regenerate their lives. Some Leos may have problems in some collaborations.


There is a need for psychological support in this period. The new moon in Aquarius will free you economically and give you the good things to feel safe. These days they feel a little ruined and powerless to face their phobias, their psychological ghosts, but after a few days they will be freed and take a new path. Jupiter has allies and will help them.


They will have a very important erotic, beautiful period and they will go out and travel. If they are waiting for messages or meetings, they are blocked. After the 5-6, roads open up and opportunities open up.


They will deal more with family matters. They will feel blocked for a few days, but after the 5th, a new stage will begin which will be important, they will change houses, get a new house, they will feel beautiful, they will live together, some will go into a phase of euphoria.


With the new moon in Aquarius they will feel very good, I see that they will receive a positive energy, they may also have health problems, but after the 5th-6th they will be called for things they had not thought of. They will have a job change, but don't do it.


They have blocked economic issues. After the 5-6, they are released on the new Monday in various aspects. Jupiter in Taurus has made them quite strong.


It is their month, they will also have the new moon. They will spend these days with the desire to make big changes. They may be upset, but the news about it will be positive and no one stops them from making changes in their lives.


Fish are a bit stuck. The new moon in Aquarius hasn't come yet and it's in the 12th house for Pisces, and they're bored and feeling powerless. Jupiter is there, but behind the scenes from a woman should be watched carefully, because the new moon with Jupiter makes a behind the scenes in the field of friendship. Everything will be clarified for them after the 6th./ CNA

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